Since we are custom cake artists, pricing is determined individually for each cake made depending on supplies and product needed as well as the time that goes into its design and creation. The guidelines provided below are intended to provide some parameters for how your cake’s price is estimated. When you contact us, it’s best to have a budget in mind so we can create a concept that fits within your budget yet still wows your guests.

When looking at pricing, keep in mind that every cake we produce involves the following steps:

  • Ordering all ingredients
  • Baking your cake from scratch (choose from any of our flavors)
  • Preparing icing(s) from scratch
  • Assembly, which may involve structural and base support depending on the design
  • Filling and icing cake layers
  • Leveling, carving and sculpting the cake layers
  • Creating and installing any decorations or ornamentation

Parameters for Pricing

Round and Square Cakes
Pricing for most of our single-tier cakes starts at $4.00 per serving. A single-tier cake is a round or square cake consisting of two layers filled and iced with buttercream. These cakes are typically about 4” tall. When we say “per serving”, a serving is considered a piece of cake 1” wide x 2” deep x 4” tall.

Sheet Cakes
Sheet cakes are typically only one layer with no filling and start at $3.00 per serving. A single-layer sheet cake serving is considered 1.5” wide x 2” deep x 2” high. If you choose to have a layered sheet cake with filling, the price starts at $4.00 per serving.

Multi-Tiered Cakes
Multi-Tiered cakes consist of more than two layers of cake. The price of these cakes varies based on the overall design, number of tiers and structure required for support.

Sculpted Cakes
Sculpted cakes start at $250, with the price varying based upon the complexity of sculpting, overall size and any additional design elements. Serving size can be difficult to calculate for sculpted cakes, and we will make every effort to ensure accuracy is maintained. If necessary, additional cakes or servings may need to be provided to accommodate your guests.

Buttercream swirl cupcakes start at $3.00 each and can be made in any of our flavors. Additional charges may apply for extra embellishments, decoration or holders. The minimum cupcake order is 1 dozen.

For single-tier cakes and cupcakes, delivery within Lake Lure is free. If you need delivery outside this area, additional charges may apply for mileage.

Single-tier cake samples – Note: Some of the cakes below are shown with upgrades such as fondant decorations, lots of candy, fresh flowers, etc.